10 Essential books for Web Developers

The Elements of User Experience
The Elements of User Experience
This book alone will guide you through conception, code requirements, project management and design of a flagship site.
If you are going to build any site filled with information, this book is for you.
The title is a bit misleading, as this book is not really about User Experience or Usability. Rather it will show you how to write and use a solid concept for your website, beginning with fundamental goals and strategies, leading through content up to design.
Each of the five levels discussed in the book works together with all the other levels to make a great site.

Learning PHP and MySQL
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Database-Driven Web Sites
Learning PHP and mySQL
Essential. This book will teach you anything you need to know about PHP and mySQl to start database driven sites.

Pocket references
The O’reilly pocket references are the books a programmer needs to have in arm’s reach.
These three should satisfy your information cravings while pumping out new websites.
PHP Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition – Coding dynamic websites? Get this to keep you company.
MySQL Pocket Reference – As you will use MySQL a lot, this becomes indispensable.
JavaScript Pocket Reference (2nd Edition) – With AJAX, javascript becomes important again.

Head First
The books of the “head first” series make programming easy to grasp. Here are two for your web development needs (although all the others are good, too!)

Head First HTMl with CSS and XHTML
Head First HTML / CSS
Head First Ajax
Head First Ajax

The Pragmatic Programmer
The Pragmatic programmer
Regardless of if you are a fledgling programmer or a seasoned developer, this is the book for you.
I was amazed at how much value I got out of this thin tome. It is full with good, down to earth advice and techniques for anyone involved in programming.

The 4 Hour Work Week
The four hour workweek
Again, the title might be misleading. I see the value in this book more in the general idea. Also, the concept of split testing and many lifestyle questions that self-employed webmasters encounter are answered here.

Getting Things Done
Getting Things done
If you pick up only one book in this list, this should be it. David Allen presents a rounded and well-working system for personal productivity geared towards modern day “knowledge workers”.
The GTD system really shines for people who have a myriad of small things to do in dozens of projects.
As a web developer, you know this means you.