Use your tools – How to turn your belongings into assets

I admit it, I am a bit of a gadget freak. I had a digital pocket camera (a nikon) very early on in the game and paid a premium for it. I have gone through several PDAs and got an iPhone now. For our car, my wife and I got a GPS, for my online endeavours, I got a few scripts lying around.
Doing only this – buying tools or gadgets will do nothing but cost you money.
Those tools, as they are lying around unused are nothing but costly.

Some might even keep costing as they need electricity or monthly fees of some other kind.
But the only thing you need to do to turn your posessions into assets is to simply use your stuff to create wealth.
Here are three simple steps:
1. Inform yourself
This means to inform yourself of which tool / gadget / software is the best for the job and the most cost-effective solution. Look around, get informed, shop smart. An easy way to cut costs is not to fall into the brand-name trap and look around for competitors to the big name. Review sites and user opinions can be a big help in this.
2. Buy
After deciding go out and aquire your new toy.
3. Use it until it breaks.
I am not even kidding around with this. I have used aforementioned camera until it stopped working after seven(!) years. On the way it got dings and scratches and got lugged around all over Germany, Portugal, Tunisia and Switzerland, taking several thousand pictures and even a handful of good ones to be turned into memorabilia and presents.
I have personally broken an electric saw after 2 years of abuse and kept my favorite CRT monitor for 8years util it gave up. The amount of abuse my scanner and printer have to take up with is criminal in several countries.
The same should hold true for every tool, domain and software you own. Until you do that, it will only be a cost, not an asset.
As you read this, I know that you own a computer and an internet connection (another returning cost) – great, write some content, tweak a PPC campaign, code a script – turn your computer into an asset.
As for writing content, why not take part in my WebWriMo scheme?
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