Bing - A new favorite for developers

Bing – A new favorite for developers

Wait.. what?

The last weeks, I have been privy to several excellent tools being developed. One of them being FAQFox by Julian True Flynn.

The other tools I can’t reveal, as they are still in private development.

However, these tools are unified in one thing – using the Bing search API.

An API to get search results. Google nixed that a while ago –  and now Bing provides 5,000 searches per month for free.

Now, you probably know that Bing’s search results, and especially the ranking aren’t stellar. But there is this thing called “Good enough”

For a lot of tools, what you need is an overview of results, and for these this offering is more than just OK.

Will this usher in a golden age for bing, as developers rush to their service?

I doubt it.

But if you are a developer, do yourself a favor and check out the various APIs that microsoft provides in the bing dev center.