Niche and topic research

This is basically „how to get topics to write about“.

The three ways we’re going to look at are:

  • niche exploration
  • seasonal topics
  • trending topics

Niche exploration

To go through the whole topic of niche exploration would be an article series of its own. (Note to self…)
Just remember that the two tools you need are Google and SerpIQ.

SerpIQs keyword discovery tool is what you actually use first to get a feel of specific niche and its possibilities.

After you have narrowed that down, you can use it to analyze your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.

I’m going to leave this here and leave you with a list of links to explore on your own, as other people have outlined this process quite nicely.


Seasonal topics

These are great, as these are topics that would repeat over and over and over again.

This means recurring income at predefined intervals and tons of offers to sell to consumers. However, this also means that there is likely established competition.

Going off to these then, involves thinking out-of-the-box and going after the long tail. To get the long tail, fire up SerpIQ’s keyword discovery engine and go full blast ahead.

There is three types of seasonal topics

1. Holidays

Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s, Thanksgiving, etc…

A lot of these are religious, don’t forget about other religions in your target market.

2. Seasonal sales

spring-training, cyber Monday, black Friday,…

These vary by location, so get knowledgeable about your target market’s sales.

3. Special events

these can be national or all of international importance

think fashion shows, the Oscars, sporting events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, world championships in whatever have you.

 Trending topis

Another thing to look at is trending topics.
For these, I believe you might like this short list of trending sites.

Google Trends
Google Hot searches

Yahoo News Trends

AOL Search Trends

Trending on Fox News

MSN now

Whatthetrend – US

Topsy Google+

There’s loads of those out there, and this type of site is still created by bright new startups, so just take these to start with.

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