The ten minute skyscraper

The ten minute skyscraper

The old simian is going to show you how to quickly build an article out of thin air.

Inspired by the skyscraper technique we’re gonna build out an article quickly.

Be aware that this technique can be used several ways.

You can use it to get a head start on an article you’d like to write.
If you do this, the result of this technique will be a starting point for additional work.

You can also use it to simply piece together a readable article.
Some might call that stealing, but I think the modern word for it is “content curation”.

But let’s not discuss semantics.

What do you need?

The tools

What you’ll need for this to work is

  • A list of source articles
  • WordAI – some more on this here
  • Youtube
  • Free images  (Such a coincidence I had a list of sources lying around)

 The process

1. Acquire three to five articles about the topic you want to write about.
Taking these articles, you will follow the very normal outline for writing.

  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion

For each of these parts, you take whichever paragraphs suit you best. Simply copy and paste a Frankenstein article. You should not worry too much about the result just yet, but keeping it kinda readable helps.

2. Run your creation through WordAI

Using WordAI, you get several spun versions. Look at a few variants it creates, play with the settings a bit and then copy the text you like best. This is now your raw material.

3. Add some polish

I find that it is now very easy to polish up the result into a new article.
Correct some grammar, rewriting some sentences and you are halfway there. Add a bit of your own style and done
Of course, how long this takes depends very much on what your end goal is.

4.  Add some oomph

Taking a hint from “deeper content”, browse youtube, vimeo, etc.. For some nice related material to embed into your article.

This is also where the list of free image sources comes in handy.

5. Add some authority

Please don’t forget to include reference links. Authority pages like wikipedia, or the original articles you errrr.. borrowed from are always good links to include.

6. Formatting

Headings, subheadings, alt texts, and don’t forget to cross your t’s and dot your i’s young grasshopper. Now you are ready to go.

The end result

If you follow this process, churning out a quick – maybe mediocre – article gets really easy.

Your sightless sensei normally uses this for 2nd tier posts, but I know it can be used as a good starting point for longer, more original articles.

Have fun.