The importance of the publishing schedule for your blog

Today, the old simian sensei is going to let you in on a secret.

It is a cornerstone of the ancient art of blog publishing for fame and profit.

As all old, ancient secrets go, this one is simplicity itself.

To write a blog or site that successfully covers a niche, you need to be able to look at the topic from all sides.

As the young grasshopper knows, it is far too easy to get stuck with either nothing new or nothing at all to say about a topic.

The solution lies in the publishing schedule. This schedule is just a rough outline of which facets of the public you will cover on each blog post.

The amount of scheduled facets depend on the complexity of the topic as well as on the amount of posts you’re planning to do on your blog. If your site is a one-man operation, then more than one or two blog posts per day will kill you over time.

You should also think about the number of facets to cover, as too many of them will make your blog unreadable. Distill your topic into 5-7, not more different areas of interest. We’ll go with an example


  • News from the algorithm
  • SEO techniques
  • SEO tools and reviews
  • Free resources
  • Industry news

As you can see, the SEO topic can be easily distilled into five areas.

These are very rough guidelines but it still becomes clear to the user and to yourself what you’re going to write about.

While it can be nice for the user to know which days of the week or which months of the year he should check your blog the reality is: this is not going to happen.

The most important reason to use publishing schedule is to get your mind to think all of the important areas you have to cover on your blog.

This way you won’t have to break your brain to give but the next topic, because one look at your schedule allows you to know what to write about.

Advanced techniques

Another way to leverage the power of publishing schedule is to use automated alerts, such as Google alerts or newsfeeds divided into the topics of your publishing schedule.

This way, whenever a topic hits your writing schedule you will have a list of news to dive into.

If you are somebody who works like this, then your publishing schedule can be used to organize your scratch folders.

Overall there is only one thing to say:

Set your publishing schedule up today for each one of your blogs or sites and get cracking.

PS: of course, this does not apply to the old simian sensei, whose wisdom is above your level of comprehension. Or in other words don’t expect the publishing schedule on the blind ape.