Writing content? Enter the Dragon!

As of the week now, Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been mentioned several times in forums and chats, being touted as the go to solution for people who have to write content for the web. Close includes such things as” I am breezing through my articles.”,” Article writing is easier than ever.”

Dragon style kung fu?

Of course the old simian sensei was all over that. He got his own copy of the premium edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.

After an initial setup of about half an hour, including microphone and text recognition training, all was set to go.

The very first impression is a favorable one, as the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software has come a long way since the last version the blind ape had in his grasp. There is no special setup, no” speech recognition” microphone or any such things, just a headset used for gaming and still, the software performs quite nicely.

Using this for article writing is actually one of the best ideas that has come along for a while. There are other uses for the software, such as Skype chats, desktop control and office commands, but right now the old ape is only using it to dictate articles, including this one.


If you are a fast typist, then the speed improvements won’t be anything to write home about, especially since you will have two correct all the misunderstandings that Dragon NaturallySpeaking produces. Of course, this improves over time, but you will still be unable to match very fast typing.

Still, let’s face it there is nothing cooler than leaning back in your chair and dictating the next article to your computer and having it appear on screen almost instantaneously. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11.5
is a lousy hundred bucks on Amazon, including a headset!

Checking it out won’t break your bank. As for the old sensei, the days of RSI as well as the hunt for good article writers are over!