Can we call out the elephant in the room?

Can we call out the elephant in the room?

Call a spade a spade, a thief a thief, a hypocrite a hypocrite?

Yes, young grasshopper, I am talking about Google.

If you cherish your sanity, please don’t visit the r/google subreddit.

So, of course, the old simian sensei does visit there. Regularly.

In that subreddit, every google card someone “discovers” gets praised and google lauded like it is the new coming of the saviour.

And then, sometimes, someone with a a bit more critical of the Google overlords chimes in:


“Does the instructions website receive any commission from something this? Doesn’t this take away from ad revenue typically collected by the owners when somebody actually opens that website?”


“Yes it does lose the ad revenue without a click, but most webmasters would probably enjoy being locked into that #1 position with a link to your site. It’s something Big G can get away with, but any other site would get a DMCA takedown notice for it.”

Source on reddit/r/google

How blinded can you be?

That #1 position is coveted because it brings in clicks and money.

You really want to tell me that this:


brings in remotely as many clicks as this:


When the instructions are laid out clearly before the user without having to click away from Google at all, surely the traffic will flow.
The box being big enough to take up 80% of screen space on some setups (mobile, for example) will surely add to the people willing to scroll and click.

While I do not agree with the blackhat who wrote this article on the “moral guidelines” that google should follow, it gives us a nice perspective on Google’s view on this.

In Matt Cutts’ own words, paraphrased:

“[…]he personally agreed that their taking content for the knowledge panel might seem unfair and they had already internally debated ways to ex post facto compensate site owners, possibly even monetarily.”

Google knows they are in the wrong, but have not even decided if they are to “somehow” gonna set things straight, *maybe* even by giving money tot the content creators they are **right now* stealing from.

Meanwhile, they’ll just continue being hypocrits about the whole thing, banning and punishing webmasters who do the same.All in the name of “search quality” and “user experience”.

Ah yes, The Google values, a thing of beauty.

 “Do the right thing: don’t be evil. Honesty and Integrity in all we do. Our business practices are beyond reproach. We make money by doing good things.”

What can I say? I called this:

I just wish I was wrong more often.

So what to do now?

I honestly don’t know.

As far as I am concerned, having at least one ban from Adsense and Adwords is a badge of honor.

They wanna pull out all the stops?

Let’s do it, then.

And someone please silence the google apologetics.

One grumpy sensei out.

For those of you who think they might have seen this before:

Yes. This article was posted on for a full few hours before Serpian Derpo decided to shut the site down.