CSE – Take two

Needle in haystackI just stumbled across SeoMike’s take on Google’s CSEs.

While the article I wrote about using Google’s Custom Search Engines is still valid, here are some more points to ponder.

Pattern limits and the way around them

A normal CSE has a 500 entry limit for every contributor. That means you can add 500 URL patterns. Those patterns might be one page, a site or the subtraction of a site. (Yes, subtractions count against the limit)

Needless to say, you might run into this limit easily, especially with the CSE directory I have outlined in my earlier post on using CSEs.

Possible Solutions

  • Add more contibutors to your CSEs, thus lifting the limit.
  • Use a hosted CSE.

The CSE creation process is tedious

Well, yes. Lots of clicking and copy and paste does not make this a nice experience

Possible Solutions

  • Use the XML specification to create your CSE.


How can I react to a user coming from a Search Engine?

There is no “normal” way to do this with a CSE.

Possible solution

  • Using the Hosted CSE approach, you can use dynamic variables to cater to your visitors. This is outlined in the Custom Search documentation provided by google.

To make this short(er):

Host the CSE and use the Google CSE XML to create your search engine.