Step outside and play your own game

This article is the third article in my metagaming series.

Part 1: Metagaming
Part 2: The Rise and Fall of Hypertext
Part 3: Sidenote: Google’s metagame
Part 4: Step outside and play your own game

Reading my stuff, Lord B pointed out that the old simian was dealing in abstracts and maybe should consider catering to the bottle-popping, berry-slinging crowd looking for new ways to make a buck.

How Lord B sees me

How Lord B sees me

That stung, especially as flapping his mouth spouting high brow academic strategic theory is one of the senile simians gilty pleasures.

But despair not, young grasshoppers, you did not think the old ape would leave you without concrete, actionable steps at the end of this loooong session, right? Right?…. right, guys?

Part I: Mindset

Step 1: Think

Everything you do while building online assets can possibly be turned into a revenue or traffic generator. Wickedfire has blown up with cool techniques and strategies lately. I am not going to link them directly, just come along and browse.

Step 2: Links.. think infinite and useful

As you might have gathered, the old simian thinks that the whole concept of link juice is moronic. Stayong with the picture though, don’t turn your sites into dead end streets. Be the hub of information, spread the love, sow useful links.

Step 3: Be flexible

One size does not fit all. A lot that has been said here applies to building authority sites. If you are building an email harvesting landing page, this might not be the approach to take. Might.

Step 4: Automate

Relevant links? Supplementary information? Youtube videos? Map integration? – When adding content for the users, let bots, scrapers and databases do the heavy lifting. Think mashups, think spinners, think.

Part II: Actionable metagame

This flows directly from what I said before.

Build an asset that links left and right. Promote the hell out of your niche. Be the hub. Be the authority.


1. Optimized for Adsense?
Take any adsense – optimized layout and replace one of the adsense spots with information rich content, linking out into the world.

2. Links, links, links.
Your content should link out, as well. Left and right, up and down. This 4 part series has around 20 links in it, not counting the navigational links.

The old ape overdid it here, though. With a real site, think about what your visitors need.

Example: Celeb gossip site

Celeb bio, official homepage, wikipedia entry, place of birth, place of residence, latest movie / album / song / sextape, partner, celebs he/she worked with…. All of these can be of interest and can probably be linked out to somewhere.

3. Trust…
It establishes you as an information hub. Optimized for a niche, you can be the source  that is better than google.

4. ..and the dagger in the back
I told you that these 4 articles have 20 odd links in them. Most are wikipedia, but there is also a link to the church of satan as well as an amazon affiliate link.

You can be the hub in your niche. A site people turn to for information and won’t bat an eye if it leads them to an affiliate offer or a landing page.

In the end..

… the old simian has been blabbing a lot. The main concepts to take with you are:

  1. Think outside of Google and established patterns
  2. Authorities link. Linkjuice is bull. Links are inifinite. Be the hub you want to see in the web.
  3. Automate.