Introducing The Online Marketing Virtual Ghostwriter (OVG)

Running an agency is hard. When Google is breathing down your neck demanding great content for your clients, who has have time to create their own? This old ape isn’t going to let your online marketing agency’s blog become neglected. To coincide with Halloween, I collaborated with scientists from MIT and famed medium, John Edward, to create…

The Online Marketing Virtual Ghostwriter (OVG)

The OVG is GUARANTEED to deliver vague sounding articles about online marketing topics that sound just like they were written by an intern with a tenuous grasp on the subject. Type in your subject, click the button and your next blog will appear out of thin air… You’ll be spooked by how good it is!

i.e. brand publishing

Your content is ready. Scroll down.

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Want more?

Go back and hit the button again for even more great content. Our advanced algorithm pulls in OVER 33 pieces of generic advice you’d typically see produced by a jobber copywriter with no real understanding of their subject matter. Go back »

Did I forget something?

I want the OVG to become infamous for generic content. Tweet #OVGContent with your suggestions.

Testimonials I Made Up

It’s perfect for when your clients expect interchangeable content filled with nothing more than common sense and vague statements. And best yet? It can write about ANY subject!” – Not Rand Fiskin, Online Marketing Guru.

I practically crapped my pants when I saw the content your OVG was producing. There’s nothing Google can do to distinguish between its great content and that produced by real pros. We’re probably going to have to discontinue organic rankings and switch to paid listings only. Damn you the Online Marketing Virtual Ghostwriter!” – Not Matt Cutts, Occasional Head of Google’s Webspam Team.