WebWriMo – the first hump

I actually thought this would happen, and it seems it has.

After the first flurry of activity, the people participating in the webwrimo are hitting their first motivational roadblock.

(all except glowleaf, but even he started to complain in the comments)

I would say that this is a normal part of the process. 50K words are quite a number for a month of writing and the nanowrimo experience shows that only a few dedicated people actually finish the 50K.

But hang in there – this is your business!

So here are the stats so far:

Bo2Fu: 10,000 words in PHP, coding up a storm!

Glowleaf: 5968 words make him the leader in natural language writing.

argh: 2532 words (if I counted that right) on several blogs

and the old ape with yet another slow day and 4023 words so far.

Counting Code

Some questions have arisen if counting code is allowed or not. I would say: YES!

In fact, a part of my yesterday words was in code. And it took the old ape ages, too.

Count code if the result is a web page or AM related. What does not count is copy/paste programming or database content you did not produce yourself.

WebWriMo – want to take part in this madness? Go ahead!