WebWriMo update – Just over the hump

So, here are the newest numbers and new members in the WebWriMo challenge.

do3boy – 1286 words
argh – 8348 words
Greg, still collecting donations for prostrate cancer at momofosho! – 10000 words (estimate, I need to go and beat the real number out of him)
David Bowley from davidbowley.com – 10072 words
blind ape seo, yours truly – 10287 words
Paul Gannon from the paul gannon blog – 14646 words
DBWebDev – 19561 words
glowleaf from glowleaf.net – 20849 words

and we have a new leader!

InternetAuthor appearing out of nowhere on Wickedfire – 30540 words


your senile simian sensei