YouTube – making the case for crappy ads

At the SOM13, the Vice President of Google Europe did an astonishingly disappointing talk – all hype for YouTube, hidden under a small blanket of “we can change the world”.

Of course, the talk also hit a short note on advertising on the video platform.
While he showed off memorable and funny clips, like this one from Three mobile

What stuck with me was the quote on payment

“The advertiser has to pay only when a viewer does not skip the ad before 30seconds or the end of the clip, whichever is shorter.

The good news then is that you don’t have to pay if people just skip.

Now the bad news:
Make a funny and memorable, maybe even “viral” clip and you’ll waste your advertising budget.

People will watch because it is a good clip, not because they a interested in what you have to offer.

The solution:
Target your advertising as well as you can and …. Well, tone it down.

The challenge will be finding a nice middle ground at which interested parties don’t and non-interested viewers will get bored enough to skip.

One clip that does this well in my mind is treehouse – can’t find the ad as standalone clip at the moment, sorry.