Tweetfull gets even better

So.. after a nice start, tweetfull now got a bunch of updated features.

A lot of this has come from user input and changes the tool to be much more useful.

At the same time, it isn’t free anymore. This means we should take a closer look at what has changed.


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Feature updates and a new interface

Logging in, we many more buttons and fields than before.

Let’s take a closer look.

First group – keyword definition

  • All of these words
    This is actually a list of words that will trigger tweetfull. Seperate them by space and be merry.
  • This exact phrase
    One phrase that will trigger the promotion
  • None of these words
    As above, you can enter several words to avoid.
  • These hashtags
    Enter several hashtags, don’t forget to include the #.
  • Language
    You can chose a preferred language. This is very useful.
  • Sentiment
    As explained in my previous article on tweetfull, this is the magic sentiment analyisis that really adds oomph to the tool.

After this come some very nice additional options

  • Avoid tweets with links
    Don’t want to share your competitor’s affiliate links? Make sure to check this box.
  • Wait for manual approval
    Incredibly useful, makes tweetfull wait for your OK before sending stuff out.
  • Exclude retweets
    This keeps your promotion from promoting the promotion of promotion of a retweet. Keep this in mind.

Second group – Retweet and favorite settings

  • Favorite when score between X and Z
    The score here refers to the sentiment analysis score. So if you chose “positive” this means a positivity score of X to Z. Keep in mind that most of these will fall between 50 and 70 – extremes are rare.
  • Retweet when score between X and Z
    Same idea for retweetings.
  • Only favorite/retweet for people with a klout score above X
    Absolutely awesome addition. Set this to 20 and you already get people who are moderately active.
  • Time settings
    You can set how often the machine tweets and favorites … good addition to keep your account being taken over by a bot of your own making.

Third group – Location (only one button)

  • Location
    This lets you set a location for the tweetfull machine – very nice idea to not have it tweet from somewhere completely different. Or to do exactly that – your use case may vary.

Closing thoughts

Tweetfull has gotten ridiculously more useful in a short period of time.
The new features allow you to target this beast better than before making it a nice addition to any marketers toolbox.

To add to all that, if you are not convinced there is one month free trial period for tweetfull.

After that use the promo code “BLINDAPESEO” to get 50% off the first three months!