Affiliate Tracking Excel sheet for you

After trying out several designs, I came up with a small excel sheet to track my websites progress.

All of the worksheet should be pretty self-explanatory, I will give some pointers though.

Detailed explanation and download link after the break.

Sheet “Summary”

This is where all the data gets collected and a pretty diagram is shown. No need to change anything on this sheet, it will update automagically.

Sheets “Apr-Dec”

This is where you get to enter your data.

  •  Totals – updates automatically
  • Blue box: Jan 07 Day 31 – You can enter the month for easy readability, enter running day of the month to get a daily average calculated.
  • Arbi pages / Content / Additional costs
    I decided to track Arbitrage versus content providing pages, feel free to change the ad providers, the income providers, etc..  This version lists hosting, searchfeed and 7search as costs and google as income. Obviously, this is just for starters.

So, feel free to use and expand.