Augmenting the content

Deeper Content System

  1. Introduction
  2. Tools
  3. Topic research
  4. Creating basic content
  5. Analyzing content
  6. Augmenting content
  7. Monetization

Alright, this is where everything comes together.

To summarize, at this point we have:

  • the basic content (courtesy of a writer, or WordAI)
  • a summary, provided by libots
  • tags, concepts, people, places, organizations … provided by the Alchemy API

Augmenting – what is that?

Augmenting is basically improving, enriching, adding to (in a good sense). What we want to do is to add depth to the basic text.
For this to happen, we use all the information we got in step 4 – analysis to gather elements to add to the text.

  • Internal Links aka “related posts”
    You can do these manually or with the help of a plugin, such as zemanta.
  • External links
    The old sensei argued quite extensively for linking out into the web here. Provide links to other sites and resources and your visitors will thank you. Zemanta actually does this as well.
  • Multimedia
    Use the concept tags, people, and place names from the Alchemy API  to find appropriate images and videos to use in your text.
    Get videos from youtube and vimeo, the old ape likes ot use the pixabay plugin for images on WP driven sites.
  • Tags
    While tagging might be a chore when done manually, just use the concept tags and keywords provided by Alchemy API and you are done
  • Tools
    either create tools to embed or link to tools such as calculators or spreadsheets on the net. Again, the results of the analysis should help in finding these.
  • Maps
    Places == maps
  • More data
    I really like the way techcrunch (of all sites) includes a short box with company info in their posts. People, places, organizations – grab a bit of info and link out.

Basically, we have now arrived at the point where you took nothing but a few keywords to a search engine, procured content and spun it and will now arrive at  the result content complete  with pictures, videos, external links, maps, tool, etc.. Fast.

Taking it further

Grab those analysis results and go for a nice stroll around your neighborhood. WordAI should be able to spin quite a few guest posts.

And if you are thinking all this could and should be automated .. yes. Yes it should be.
So fire up your IDE or uBot and get to it.