Be heard - Tweet when your followers are online

Be heard – Tweet when your followers are online

While one of the mantras of our connected world is “work wherever, whenever”, timezones make this a foul task at times. Living in Europe and conversing with US marketers and clients, I could sing you many a sad song on this.

To circumvent this (at least where twitter is concerned) – the sensei recommends a tool called tweriod.

While the name of this tool – made up of tweet and period – doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, the premise and usefulness of it is sweet.

How it works


You log in with your twitter credentials, and leave an email adress.

The tool analyses the last 1,000 followers of your twitter account and emails you a link to a report.

The report

The report splits up into several areas.

General stats, hourly graphs, and your @reply stats.

General stats

The general stats are divided into

  1. Most exposure when tweeted
  2. Most followers online

In those areas, you can see the date for weekends, Sundays, Mondays and weekdays. A combined report is available, as well.

General stats

General stats

The results are astonishingly different for all of these sections.

Looking at the combined stats for @blindapeseo (which is not the most active twitter account), shows that difference.

However, anything after 6pm up to 11pm would be fair game.

But let us take a look at the

Combined Graph

Hourly report

Hourly report

This makes it much more apparent that over all days, 3pm to 6pm would be a sweet time to post.

A small difficulty

Finding out which timezone tweriod refers to in the report was a bit tricky. After a bit of a search, I found the answer in the FAQ page. The timezone is the one you have set in your twitter profile.

Additional features

The app lets you sync your buffer account with these results, just hit this button:

Sweet buffering

Sweet buffering

And you are good to go.

Premium (paid) options

The service offers paid “premium” features as well.

  • PDF reports
  • Branding
  • Scheduled reports
  • Automated syncing with buffer
  • … etc

These are very interesting for anyone working in an SEO agency or as a consultant.
For small or private projects, the free version should be more than enough.