Making money with digital photography

Well, this is not really an internet marketing post, but as we are all trying to make some cash online, you might think about selling some digital production assets.

Pictures, to be precise.

The company I’ll point you to is (no affiliate link).

Why crestock?
I am choosing crestock because I was impressed with the quality of the images they offer and their review process.

A digital camera of 6MP+,  some good pictures.
crestock also accepts digital images other than photos, so if your pictures are 3D or vector based, go ahead and submit those as well.

The review of your pictures is actually intended to give you pointers to improvements.

How much do they pay?
Greedy bastards! I am so proud of you. <sniff>

crestock pays 20% of each photo sold by a normal customer, you’ll get 0.25$ if a subscriber chooses one of your photos.

Payout limit?
crestock pays once you reach 100$, payout is via paypal.

All in all, the offer is not impressing, but solid. It should be easy to get a few dozen images into their database and once I get my new camera, I am planning to do just that. I might even give the old trusty lightwave another spin.