More sources for free images

More sources for free images

Alright, this is a follow up from my last post on this, which highlighted some lesser known image sources.

Here are some more to add to the list.


Hey Susanna...

Banjo player from gratisography

Gratisography provides free stock photos by by Ryan Mcguire of Bells Design.

Good pictures, not a lot of them yet, but steadily growing.

Waiting for the race to begin

Ice Skaters waiting for the start of the race

New old stock 

This site shares high resolution scans of old pictures. All of them are free to use.

If your site needs some vintage look, you can’t go wrong here.



Calm images by superfamous


Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter shares hi-res photos on superfamous.

All of the photograohy is available under the creative commons 3.0 attribution license.

In short – you can use it for whatever, but you have to attribute the original artist.

Most of the images are very calm, lots of textures, no people in sight.

Little Visuals

Steampunk from little visuals

Little Visuals

Signing up for their newsletter will ensure that you get 7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox every week. But you can also get the zip file for each week, or even individual images, directly from the Little Visuals website.

Interesting stuff, worth looking into.


Tachometer from picjumbo


More contemporary is the selection on picjumbo.

Nice stock photography, totally free to use.

What’s not to like?


Muuh by unsplash


This has been handed around everywhere, but even the old simian can’t not share it.

Unsplash provides 10 free hi-res images every 10 days. Go get ‘em!

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