3 Link strategies that keep your blog fresh

3 Link strategies that keep your blog fresh

If we are going to look at the topic of freshness on blogs, we’ll have to look at the nature of the beast.
The way most blogs are set up, is that blog posts appear on a timeline.

While this is intuitive, it also means that, as posts fall off your homepage, they loose the link power from the homepage.

However, apart from the homepage, there are other, special pages that keep links from all over the place. The archive and tag pages.
This actually leads to the problem a lot of SEOs are seeing with those pages outranking the actual article posts.

A lot of SEOs are actually actively removing the archive, tag and categories pages from being crawled or setting the links to them as nofollow.

So in this post, we are going to look at three ways to link to the posts that are fading away over time that keeps them fresh and accessible to your visitors and the Search engines.

3 ways to freshness

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The review – Ancient treasures

Setting up lists to old posts has proven beneficial for me on quite a number of sites.
Actually, this technique has proven to be extremely powerful, suggesting that not only returning visitors are finding stuff they missed the first time around, but also a nice boost in the SERPs.

It is also something you can find done on a lot of blogs. The simple reason why? Because it works.

Every X days/weeks/months talk about your past posts, summarize them in a few words and link to them.

I think this can be overdone, and I am getting a bit sick of seeing weekly reviews, but it is a powerful technique.

The article series – Link wheels reloaded

The way the blind ape structures his article series has two advantages.

1. There is a “mini navigation” the user can follow to look at the article series.

2.All the articles link to each other, creating an “accidental” wheel and spokes link pattern, tightly focused on one subject.

So you are creating a mini silo in your niche site focused on one even more niche subject. No wonder search engines love it.

It also provides you with a nice entry point you can share via social media, forums, etc..

The link from the past – Back to the future

This strategy has not yet been proven to be beneficial to search engine traffic, but it can be seen easily why this is beneficial for the user.
As we have seen, one of the main problems is the links go only in one direction over time – from now to the past.

While a user is able to navigate around using categories, archive pages, etc.. we’ll add another path for her.

If she comes into the site from the big G or a deeplink somewhere. We can point her  to a more recent article on the same topic.

At the same time, this is the strategy that I recommend hand-holding with. While a “related post” plugin can suffice, this is the opportunity for your expertise on the subject can shine, as you’ll know what other posts to link to.