Deep content


When we take a good look at what makes the web a fascinating source for information and entertainment, we will arrive at more than merely flat text.
But diving into the modern web, trying to answer the question of what makes good content, we have to start right there.
Raw text is not only our starting point, but also what we had before the arrival of web technologies.

The idea of the web started with the idea of hypertext. This is simply what we call links today. Even though at first glance it might not seem that revolutionary, keep in mind that this really is what the web is about: linking one document to another, one website to another, referencing sources, and pointing to further venues of research are all built on this idea.
We have not yet left the area of text, but links are the first step in creating content that is more than mere text.

images can serve to make a text more pleasing to the eye or enrich the informational content of an article 100 fold. Adding appropriate images to an article is not only the icing on the cake – it is often crucial.

Multimedia – video and others
This now is the area where we leave the close confines that we had in the era of the printed book. Modern computers are able to receive and send multimedia content, such as audio files, video files or streaming video and interactive content enabled by technologies such as flash or JavaScript/HTML 5.

Interactive content
When we talk about JavaScript/HTML 5 and flash, we can take this further into the area of interactivity.
Adding this level of content can be as easy as embedding a video or flash game or as involved as writing a custom web application. Here now we are talking of tools that are potentially massive benefit for the user.

Coming back full circle to the idea of hyperlinks, leaving the web from your piece of content over to other sites, other articles on your site, and generally speaking – useful content for your visitors makes your article a true piece of the web and lets the net become alive.

Into the deep
Deep content is content that doesn’t leave the reader with a static wall of text, but a piece of true, living web content that illustrates with informative graphics, entertains with multimedia, provides interactive experiences and tools, points to other areas of interest, and references sources and ideas. Instead of looking at the surface of the ocean of information that is the Internet, the user is allowed to dive in deep and come back with true treasures.