Deeper Content – The system for content creation

Introduction and goals

Outlining the course | werner22brigitte

The old ape is just about to start a new article series and this time we are going down the rabbit hole that is the process of deep content creation.

We’re going to look at everything from the tools we can use to research, analyze, and augment content,  the final goal of monetizing.
The sensei is going to outline how to use them to create the raw material, how to analyze content and use the results of this analysis to add value to your texts, and even help in monetizing the results.


If you’re asking yourself what the goal of this exercise could be, the answer is:

Outlining the full process of content creation and splitting it up into its modules, in order to arrive at a model that can be used to create various workflows and mechanisms for content creation.

In the end, we will have a set of building blocks we can connect in various ways to build our content creation process, and tools to help us or even automate parts of it.

As you see, part of this is the old ape trying to set his own mind straight.

And yes,  all of this is going to be above Lord B’s reading level. (Hey bro!)

So without further ado, here’s the outline of the series that will be published over the next days.

Deeper Content System

See you in the dojo.