Filling autoblogs with Google news

Google news is a nice way to get some content into your niche autoblog, but you will have some preparing to do.

(For starters, get and install WP-o-Matic)

  • Point your browser to
  • Enter your search phrase, for this example we will be using “chimpanzee birth” (Always good to keep up with the family)
  • Now look on the lower left navigation and press the link for “RSS”

  • You are taken to the page of the RSS feed, go and grab that URL. It should look like this:


Unbelievably long Google link here

  • Enter that as feed address into a new WP-o-Matic campaign

Now we have to get rid of the nastiness that is the Google news link. Basically, Google does not give you the direct links in the feed , but redirects them via their servers. Luckily, we can get rid of them by way of the rewrite ability of WP-o-Matic.

  • Go to the “Rewrite” tab
  • Enter this for origin:


  • Check “Regex”
  • Under “Rewrite to” enter $1
  • check “rewrite”
  • Submit