Finding treasures made easy

Finding treasures made easy

There are people who find and hide lots of gems, gold, and other shiny valuables for a long time, waiting for the perfect moment to unearth their treasure chest.

I could, of course be talking about pirates.

Today I am talking about domainers, though.


One of these domain treasure chests has just now been opened. And, listen cloesly young grasshopper, I will give you the map to find it.

Arr, mateys! Sail yonder:

On that hidden tropical island ..err.. site, a trusted domainer – known to your simian sensei – has opened up just about 300 of his domains for sale.

Yes, this has made grabbing a domain with relevancy for your niche, with a significant age, and non-spammy background easy.

You’ll find a nice list with domain stats by several providers:

  • Google
    • Pagerank
  • Moz
    • Domain Authority
    • Page Authority
    • Trust Flow
    • Citation Flow
    • Referring Domains
  • A href
  • Domain Rank
  • Referring Domains
    • Domain age
  • The registrar
  • A note
  • Price

There is no stats point I am really missing in that selection.

sadly, The lists can not (yet) be sorted by the columns, so a bit of a manual lookup is required.


The treasure chest…err… main domain list


However, the big red “Information” button in the upper right makes it easy to filter the domains by area of interest.

Be it the top level domain or the main purpose of the site like “gadget” or “brandable”.


Easy filtering by tags


One example here:

This is actually a great feature for me, as looking up domains for a niche pursuit becomes easy.

A great feature for all of these domains is their age. While some might be as young as three years, you’ll find a lot that are ten years old or in some cases up to 17 years(!!!) of age.


While you might be looking at .com domains first and foremost, I have spied some interesting names in the .net or .org ones as well. There are also some .io or .cx domains on the list if you are interested.


The pricing has quite a range to it, so you have to judge by looking through the domain’s variables yourself if a domain is worth it.

Most seem to be decently priced, though.

Website content

The domains come as just that, though, domains. There are no websites attached to them, so any content would need to be rebuilt.



The checkout process


The checkout is nice and easy. The interface allows you to enter your name at the registrar and an email address for the transfer code. This makes it so the domain can be pushed to you without hassle.

Of course, checking out will allow you to register so new domains can be sent to your inbox as well.


There are some nice domains here.

The individual stat points – with domain age standing above the rest here – are good to great.

Last, but not least there are some nice names to get here, even for authority projects.

Go ahead and check the list for yourself. I am sure there is a domain of interest in the treasure chest for you.