SEO? Game over man, game over!

Looking at the last Google updates and what they have done to search optimization strategies of the last years, one cannot shake the impression that indeed Google has won.

The search giant is as strong as ever, while one SEO strategy after another falls by the wayside. He optimizations done by Google have made formerly successful strategies obsolete.
Message link building, automated commenting, and many more gray and black hat techniques will get your site penalized faster than you can say new service.

So what do we do now?
Seo is dead, that has been exclaimed many more times than I can count. The truth of the matter is Seo’s not dead. The bitter truth is: Seo has some growing up to do.

While massive automation, spamming, database poetry and the likes still have their place -if you are looking for a quick, burn and churn approach for a few bucks and don’t care about the bridges burnt on your way – this is not the way in which the industry is moving.

If you look at the discussions going on in the Seo blogs, forums and chats you will see a new direction in which things are moving. The new focus is on long-term strategies, brand building, and social media reputation.
When you look at the way that Seo is now starting to take its place in big companies, you can add an emphasis on collaboration with the traditional departments inside of an organization.
Understanding the core business of the company, knowing how company makes money, understanding marketing, communication with official channels, as well as the new breed of Internet savvy customers are traits of the new company SEO.

In a way, what all this means is, that the bar for entry is raised. All these changes will favor an approach to content generation and marketing that we know from more traditional media, spending resources on original and quality content, research and marketing.

Game over?
All of this is nothing, but positive.

Yes, if you relied on nothing but spamming techniques and automated services, you will have to rethink some of that. No, I don’t think automation is dead – quite the opposite, actually – but it will have to become more sophisticated, more subtle, more complex in its approach.

Yes, you are currently making your money with thin sites, badly researched, copied, and written content, you would have to rethink some of that.No, I don’t think you will have to pay for a steady group of educated journalists to write for your site, but your content will have to show at least some quality and originality. The more, the better.

Seo itself will have to focus on how to create and organize various forms of media,optimize the relationships in the content, to other sites, and the marketing and distribution across multiple channels in a mixed media environment.

I see the end result of this, as I said before, is nothing but positive. Simply speaking: the quality of content produced for the Internet will have to rise.

The raised barrier to entry is still ridiculously low.
One case study on wickedfire shows how roughly $1000 built a site with steady returns of thousand dollars each month. The ROI over a year on that is astonishing, even if you would – as you should – invest some more into the site.

Where do we go from here?

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