Targeting image search traffic

Now, young grasshoper, that you know how to get image search traffic to your site, you should focus on a worthier goal:

Targeted image traffic

I mentioned before, that I got one of my blogs onto the first image SERP for the term coffee.

Q: Did it help much?
A: Not really.

Keep in mind to get targeted image searches:

Optimize all your images that you want to appear in the image search and only those.

Here are some image otimization do’s and dont’s


  • DON’T Give attributes to navigation images
    • Maybe even go as far as to name them something like navi_01.jpg, or menu_lower.gif
  • DON’T Give attributes / names to images NOT related to your keywords
    • If you have a cat picture on your ringtone page, name it pic01 .jpg, skip the title and alt tag


  • DO Give  EXTRA LOVING to  pictures that  are  related to your  niche
  • DO Get high quality pictures, buy them if necessary!
  • DO Don’t just call it smartphone.jpg, call it palm-treo-680.jpg
  • DO Move some text describing the image into the same TD as the image (thanks, Eli)
  • DO Remember to give fitting alt tags and title text
  • DO Think about moving your affiliate link into a lightbox.