The aging effect – A look at the recent Google algorithm update

Today I want to write about my observations concerning the recent GOOGLE algo update.

The Google ranking algorithm seems to put more weight onto the age of a domain than before.

How do I arrive at that conclusion?

Wonderfully coincident, I have just started a fun blog in English a few months ago.
The wonderful coincidence being that it is basically a copy of my German blog.

The German equivalent has been up for a few years, but the last months on the blogs are almost identical

  • Same domain name .de and com
  • Same WP setup
  • Same posts

Here now is the Google analytics from the month to date.

Traffic after Algo change

As we can see, the American blog just took a nice nosedive from one day to the other, while the German blog just continues in the same pace.

I checked the ranking for some keywords which drive people to both sites (even those lign up).

Almost needless to say, the English blog is found somewhere on site 3.
The German blog has risen to rank 2 or even 1 for some keywords even though it dropped one level in PR.

Witholding the conclusion that PR is utter bull, I guess I will hold on to some old domains I thought of chugging and think of something to do with them instead.