The sensei’s tools

This page lists the tools that the senile simian sensei uses on a daily basis.
While not all are free, all these are worth the addition to your SEO arsenal.

Read on and you will find a short description to the tools as well as links to articles and full reviews.


This is the best SERP tracker out there at the moment.

The tracking updates daily and the ability to generate PDF reports for your clients even at the lowest level is perfect.
I recommend to go for the affiliate package for the access to their API.

At $0 for the free trial, there is not much you can do wrong.
For $19.95 per month, you are already at 150 keywords to track on an unlimited amount of domains.

Get it here


Wait… why a second SERP tracker on this list?

SERPWoo is a different kind of tracker. While trackers like Micrositemasters allows you to track keywords, SerpWoo analyses complete SERP result pages and their movement.
It give a clear picture of what’s really going on in the top SERPs for a niche.

It allows a quick glance and access to the top 20+ results for any given keyword to get a better understanding of how websites are ranking, moving up & down, and generating organic traffic.

Integrated 3rd party data like ahrefs, majestic, moz, semrush, social signals, and additional tools allows for a better picture of HOW and WHY the selected website is ranking.

Admitted, SerpWoo does have a bit of a learning curve to it – the filtering and views do require a bit of technical understanding, but the tutorials are nice and a trial membership is free.

Get SerpWoo here


SerpIQ bills itself as “keyword research tool” – but it can do much, much more.

  • Niche research
  • keyword research
  • competitive intelligence
  • on-site analysis
  • backlink profiling
  • social signals for competing sites

All integrated into a great tool you simply can not afford not to have at your disposal.

There are 2 price points – 49$ per month and 149$ per month, but there is a 7 day free trial, so go ahead and check it out.

Word AI

Word AI is only the best content rewriting machine on the market.

The undeniable fact that there’s an easy to use, well documented API available for this only makes it so much sweeter.
When we’re talking rewriting, and reusing content – as we would never copy – then Word AI is the point where it is at.

You don’t need to take the senile sensei’s word on this head on over to their web site and hop on the free three-day trial of WordAI.

But – trust an old ape – this instrument will land in your toolbox.

Articles about WordAI

I wrote about new content strategies using WordAI

WordAI is a big part in the deep content system- read all about it.

Get WordAI


This automation powerhouse comes from 245$ standard to 695$ for the developer edition.
Worth it? You bet.

You can drag and drop commands to automate your web tasks.
Once you reach the point where one of your scripts gets useful – sell it.
That’s right, you can compile and sell those bots as standalone windows programs.

You can also go ahead and read an in-depth review of uBot here.

Get it here

Alchemy API

This is a mighty tool for text analysis.

Alchemy API features:

  • text extraction (throw it a website address and it will extract the actual content minus the navigation and other fluff)
  • location and personal extraction (to give you the cities and people mentioned the next)
  • sentiment extraction
  • keyword extraction
  • Categorization (tell you which of 8 categories your text belongs to)


Alchemy API is free to use up to, if I remember correctly 3000 API calls per day for registered users.

This goes up to 10,000 API calls for academics.

If you need more, they want you to contact their sales department.

As the old ape sees it, this means it is basically free.


Now, this is really a misnomer.
Textcompactor is but a front end for a text summary library called libots.
This library is available for UNIX, and and there’s also a Windows client available.

This old simian is going to show you a few ways to use this for fun and profit.

Oh, did I mention this is free?

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    Can your share script or part of script for alchemy which simply prints result on screen or put it to the variable. do not want to create from scratch or adapt their example , if it is somehow done.
    or sorry if this is not acceptable to you.

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