The old ape has been chatting with Dinesh from quite a lot recently.

They are the guys who brought cool tools like fan harvest and folwd.

The newest project was briefly called prometu, but is now known as tweetfull.

And, oh, it is sweet!

It is a free (for now) tool tojump start your Twitter marketing and branding efforts.

But let us jump right in.

How to set up tweetfull

Step 1: Log in with the twitter account of choice.

Step 2: Define keywords

Step 3: Define a threshold (positive or negative) at which a tweet will be  retweeted or favorited.

Step 4: Track your activity under “Activity”.

How to use it


Say you want to market dog snuggies under the brandname “dog snugglez”.
Your main competitor is targeting the name “dog warmerz”.

Easy enough, you set the keyword to “dog snugglez” and tell tweetfull to favorite it for a positive sentiment score of 50 -70.
When the sentiment score reaches 70-100, it will be re-tweeted.

You want to hurt your competitor, too.
Set tweetfull to retweet anything with a negative sentiment score of 10-100 for “dog warmerz”.

What does it do?

Basically, tweetfull will search for your keyword and runs a sentiment analysis on the tweets.

A sentiment analysis is a computer algorithm trying to find out if a text has a positive or negative slant. It gives back a percentage as a result.

Depending on that result, your desired actions are triggered.

Avoid “set it and forget it”

The activity tab is your place to check up on your results. Look at it every now and then, don’t let stupid values or misleading keywords blindside you. All the following will only work if you check up on what the machine is doing on your command.

How not to use it


Avoid false positives

Try being precise with your keywords. [Schema] was a stupid mistake of mine, as I wanted to re-tweet and favorite positive mentions of microschema use. [microschema] or [] Would have fit the bill much better and not lead to weird things being favorited in my name.

Avoid boxing yourself in

Just the opposite. While [] is a fine, narrow keyword to use, it is seldom used. So expand your list.

Avoid setting too high values

Quite positive things often get a sentiment score of 60 or more, not 80 or more.

Try finding a good value to use without robbing yourself of retweets and favorites.

Closing thoughts

This is a nice, little tool that can be quite useful in my humble opinion.

Dinesh and team are working on a few more nice additions to the app, so it will get even better.

As said before, tweetfull is free to use right now, go and check it out.