How to write like Hemingway - There's an app for that

How to write like Hemingway – There’s an app for that

The hemingway app (reachable at was recommended to me in a forum.

Why am I recommending this to you?

Simply because it is a good way to learn writing more concise and powerful copy.

Hemingway was the master of short, concise, powerful prose.
His texts stand the test of time and are still readable and powerful today.

The Hemingway app shows you how to improve your writing to sound more like his, and more.

What does it do?

It consists of two parts.

Part one

This is the write interface. You might think it superfluous at first. Don’t be fooled. The focus on pure writing is powerful.

Part two

Analysis for this very article

Analysis for this very article

The second part is the editor interface. The analysis and information on your text is available here.

  • Character and Word Count
  • Reading level

Are standard fare, but the interface also shows you.

  • Number of problematic sentences
  • Number of adverbs in relation to text length
  • Number of words that could be simpler
  • Usage of passive voice

All this is good advice that an actual editor would give you. Let’s look at them.

  1. Problematic sentences.
    Personally, I am guilty of complex run-on sentences that include to many commas – not to mention the hyphens (we might talk about the parenthesis later) – and even resorting to a semicolon every once in a while, but as a German, that might be expected of me; i.e. this is a good thing to avoid.
  2. Use of adverbs
    Adverbs are not bad in themselves. It improves your writing to use them sparingly, only on those things that you want attention on.
  3. Number of words that could be simpler
    Often a good thing to look at and can improve readability.
  4. Usage of passive voice
    Using passive voice makes your text weaker. Avoiding it does not come easy to me, but even I can see the effect. This one will take the longest time to edit,. but it is well worth it.
  5. Readability score
    The grade this gives you is the grade a reader would have to be in to understand your text. Lower is better.


The Hemingway app is a small, lightweight tool with a huge impact if you use it. And it is free.
Well, the online version is. The Hemingway App desktop version is available for 6.99  for Windows and Macs.

I am not affiliated. I just like this app.