Ultimate List of Free Image Sources

As I have written several posts with lists … I decided to compile the ultimate resource page on it.

Right now, this page has tons of sources for free images. If you have more…. please share them in the comments.

  1. pixabay.com
    The old ape has written about his love for the free pixabay plugin.
  2. Dreamstime
    free-photos ‘free section’ updated quite often. Account (but a free one) required.
  3. Bigfoto
    Royalty-free photo gallery. No login required. Organized geographically.
  4. Ancestryimages
    Free image archive of historical prints, maps and artifact photos – and ancient is no misnomer for some of the content.
  5. Getrefe
    An archive of photos taken on mobile devices –  Great quality can be found, though.
  6. Hubspot
    This marketing platform giving away a package of 75 free photos.
    Just give them your an email address and you are good to go.
  7. Freeimages
    More than 350 000 stock photos. You have to go through a ‘sign-up process’ before downloading anything.
  8. Free Photos Bank
    Free photos to download without login. Searchable archive
  9. Morguefile
    Photos by artists to be used in creative projects by those visiting the site. Short registration required.
  10. Public Domain Pictures
    Public domain images uploaded by amateur photographers, high quality photos to download. No fuss sign-up is required.
  11. Gratisography
    Gratisography provides free stock photos by by Ryan Mcguire of Bells Design.
  12. New old stock
    This site shares high resolution scans of old pictures. All of them are free to use.
    If your site needs some vintage look, you can’t go wrong here.
  13.  Superfamous
    Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter shares hi-res photos on superfamous.
    All of the photography is available under the creative commons 3.0 attribution license.
    In short – you can use it for whatever, but you have to attribute the original artist.
    Most of the images are very calm, lots of textures, no people in sight.
  14. Little Visuals
    Signing up for their newsletter will ensure that you get 7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox every week. But you can also get the zip file for each week, or even individual images, directly from the Little Visuals website.Interesting stuff, worth looking into.
  15. Picjumbo
    More contemporary is the selection on picjumbo.
    Nice stock photography, totally free to use.
    What’s not to like?
  16. Unsplash
    This has been handed around everywhere, but even the old simian can’t not share it.
  17. Pixelio.de
    The images on pixelio can be used after a cost – free registration. The image quality spans the whole range from amateur to pro photographer, but there are enough interesting shots in there to make it worth your while.
  18. stockvault.net
    Again all ranges can be found here, but the overall quality is quite nice. The free photos are subtly bracketed by “premium photos”, though. Once you know where to look, there are loads of free photos available.
  19. Photl.com
    As far as the old ape can see, thse pictures are free even for commercial use in electronic media. So if you print them, you’d have to pay, but sites should be fine. Please check the FAQ for this.
  20. Pics.de
    A very small German site with free images of highly varying quality.
  21. Photorack.net
    Wide variety of images (and quality), not so subtly accompanied by advertising. However, worth a look.
  22. The US Government
    Uncle Sam giving away pictures.. who woulda thunk it?
  23. Morguefile
  24. Getty images
  25. Creativ commons Search
  26. List of video game systems
  27. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  28. FreeFoto.com
  29. StockFreeImages
  30. IMFree
  31. New York Public Libary
  32. Smart Photo Stock
  33. Icconicle
  34. The Public Domain Review
  35. Pattern Library
  36. Dotspin
  37. Unprofound
  38. We Function
  39. Norebbo
    Designer Blog with free stuff – mostly 3D and illustrations
  40. http://photopin.com/
  41. http://500px.com/creativecommons
  42. Library of Congress commons
  43. Photober
  44. Splitshire
  45. Life of Pix
  46. SnapoGraphicStock photo pages with free content
  47. iStockPhoto
  48. Thinkstock
  49. BigStock
  50. Shutterstock
  51. Lightstock

Know more sources?

Share them in the comments.

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    Please check out http://www.goodfreephotos.com for thousands of unique public domain photos, especially travel photos. Appreciate it if you could add it to your list. Thanks.

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    Perfect, I’ve been looking for some images that I can watermark!

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    Awesome list … i am surely used this list while uploading Pics to Pinterest !!

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