Down the rabbit hole

This old ape uses this phrase to describe certain activities that tend to pull you in.

We all know and have some of those.

  • Tweaking a template for a blog
  • Audio editing
  • Getting the pixels in that image to align just right
  • Reading

While these activities are good things to do, I use this term to describe a certain kind of endless tinkering, an activity where the next little thing, the next tweak, the next possible improvement is always around the corner.

Deceptively so.

The problem

There is a point at which there is no positive return on these activities anymore (which are, more often than not, editing activities). You continue because

  • it seems productive
  • it is easy
  • you like doing it

But for a business, this is poison.

The remedy?

Know your enemy.

Take a mental note of the activities you know suck you in endlessly.

Here are some of mine:

  • Template editing
  • HTML source editing (down to the last indent)
  • 3D rendering, especially materials (hours!)
  • Audio editing (which I suck at, BTW)

Banish the perfect
Perfect is the enemy of the good.

Good enough is often that – good enough. Move on.

The success of your website does not lie in that pixel-perfect banner , nor in the just right amount of ambient noise in the audio.

It lies in getting it out there… 1 pixel left to tweak here, a little too low ambient there… save that for later, do it as a hobby or forget about it.
Right now, you have to get it out in front of people, paying customers and .. well…

Make money.