The NEW domain – promises, pitfalls and the 5 page solution

red apeI have a confession to make. I have far too many domains lying around, unused.
The fact that I am not alone in this does little to alleviate the pain. Monetary pain, that is.

Simply put:
10 dollars for a website lying around unused for a year will amount to 10 dollars in the red.

Even putting up a badly written 5 page site with some adsense on it might have taken a bit off the sting, but noooo, I had to have that domain and never got around to put anything onto it.

The promise
A new domain holds many promises. There is the grand idea you have for it, the shining star it will become in its niche and all the money it will bring you.
Another part of this is the promise that this one will fare better than the old ones, the other domains that are dragging you down with their cries for attention, content and sweet link love.

The pitfalls
A new domain has to be developed.
Yes, it will have to be filled with content, coded and promoted like any other project before and after this one.
And there is still all those other projects lying around, clawing for your attention.

The 5 page solution

Do not buy any new domains unless you have 5 pages of content done!

I recommend at least 5 fully coded pages. That is code, site graphics and content, the whole package.
5 pages is not much, I consider this the lowest possible starting point.

Index, contact data, sitemap, 2 pages of content (FAQ and about maybe) and you are done. THEN buy the domain.

 Variations and exceptions:

  • News dependent domains – Obviously, these need to be bought immediately, so do not hesitate. Do not hesitate IF you have a good track record with this type of page.
  • Landing pages – Although most could do with a bit more content, you’ll manage with 3 fully coded pages. A fully developed PPC keyword list takes place of the 2 content pages.

This is really just a variation of the “focus on one project until it is done” theme that is being tossed around in forums and blogs.

It will save you a lot of time, work and money and will guide you to more success in your online ventures.