How to grab reddit traffic - Two powerful tools and a bonus

How to grab reddit traffic – Two powerful tools and a bonus

Reddit is indisputably one of the powerhouses of the web. So powerful, a single popular entry’s traffic can put a server out of commission.

Your simian sensei has stumbled on two great tools that will make it easier to get the reddit hug of death.

  1. RedditLater
  2. KarmaCrawler Python script

1. RedditLater

RedditLater is a pretty cool tool made by a guy called Adam Bard. You can follow on twitter @adambard or even find him on reddit. He has a pretty cool programming blog, too.

After this introduction of the man behind the tool, let’s get to the goods.
RedditLater is able to do two things for you:

  • Schedule
  • Analyze a subreddit’s timeline


Enter a post to be released at a predefined time.

In the free version, you’ll be able to schedule one post per week. The paid version for cynical marketing persons (his words, not mine) is priced on request.

With this restrictions in place the timeline analysis quickly becomes the more interesting part of redditlater.

Timeline Analysis

Under “When should I post”, you can enter a subreddit of choice and a minimum votes threshold.

You’ll be presented with a nice breakdown of posting times for a specific subreddit.

This is not unlike the reddit posting time analysis I posted before. This is much nicer, because it is targeted to a specific subreddit.

The result looks like this:


This is for r/seo , 5 vote threshold.

2. Reddit Karma crawler

A goldmine, this will find crawl posts from the last hour, with high upvotes, only few comments, and a place on the front five pages. It predicts which posts are about to get busy.

Using the Karma crawler script is a bit more involved. You will need to know your way around python.

This will work with the community version of jetbrains excellent python IDE “pyCharm”.

You will also need the selenium web automation library that you can get here as well as an install of firefox.

The full install is described in this lengthy post by digiwonk.

An upside to it being a more geeky tool is that a lot of options can be set to our liking.

How to get the most out of this – the senile simian sensei’s strategy

Yong grasshopper, any time you stumble across a tool think of advanced, sideways, or simply crazy uses and tactics.

These two are powerful tools in their own right, but with a bit of thinking, they can be streamlined.

First, I’d drop the automated scheduled posts from redditlater. Once a week? Yeah. Great.

Focus on the analysis feature.

Pick two or three related subreddits (most reddits have a “related subreddits” section in their sidebar). Look at them to get a feel for how high the minimum vote threshold should be to be useful.

Analyse them all and combine the results to get a feel for the best times to post.

Using the reddit crawler, send it crawling only around those times to save resources AND to save yourself from being detected.


I told you to drop the scheduled redditlater posts.

Being the cynical marketing person Adam thinks I am, here is a free and more powerful alternative.

What was that? Ah, yes… profit = revenue – cost.

Take this reddit scheduler and integrate it with your python crawler script for full automation.

Some thinking required (not a lot) and you’ll see why this leads to real power.

Don’t forget to buy me a coffee from the profits when we meet.