Content is King.. or is it?

CrownEveryone in the industry knows the old adage

“Content is King” .

Well, for this to hold true, let me add a bit to it:

Search engine readable content is king

Sadly, this does not include your images (see my posts on how to change that here and here) or your flash games or your pretty videos.

It DOES however include everything you can do to describe them. Working on that will bring you good and stable Search Engine traffic and is always on my list for SEO techniques.

Why would this be valuable?

For this article, I will present 1 example for a type of site that can make use of that.

Flash Game Arcades

Seriously almost NONE of them provide a written, clearly readable description of their games.

If this is you, here is a small calculation.
Say you have 200 hand-picked games (small, I know) and you provide only the title at about roughly 3 words per game.
Leaving all the navigational gibberisch aside, that leaves 3 words per game that a search engine can find and rate.
Not even necessary to mention that those 3 words won’t help a lot, cause they are ALL over the net, on every site that has that game. (600 for your WHOLE site)
If you just write a 50 word description for the game, you will have (50+3*200) 10600 words.
Now, most of those will probably not be relevant, but the visibility of your content will be much, much improved.

A lot of work? Yes.
Worth it? You bet.

Aside from the increased SE visibility, you will also differentiate your site from the pack and give valuable information to your users.
Hey, they might even bookmark your site because they like the snide comments and cheat codes you provide.

If you use adsense or another “intelligent” ad system, this will help targeting.

Take this to other endeavors and you’ll see immediate advantages over a lot of the competition.

Search engine readable content is king

I still can not believe how many webmasters ignore this.