Volume Blogging Part II

workworkTo measure the effects of volume, I am adding volume (and SE readable content) to 3 sites of mine.

Two blogs and 1 content site.

The blogs yould be updated more often and the content site was (is) in a miserable state.

I am setting the monthly Adsense and Visitor averages from 17th of July to 17th of August as absolute zero.

At the end of one month you will see a pretty graph showing the changes. This will be updated one month later as well.

PS: Someone over at wickedfire complained that “content should be user readable, not SE readable”… well, next time read more carefully. What I wanted to point out was the fallacy of only user readable content (images, flash, navigation, etc..)

Coincidentally, the SE-readable content (text, text, text) turns out to be user-readable as well. What a nice surprise, eh?