CSE directories

Ok folks, this is just a crazy idea right now, but it might well be worth your time.

Since some time, you can use google to create your own specialty search engine under google.com/coop . All in all, this is similar to sevices like rollyo.com or squidoo. Google calls this “Custom Search Engines” or CSE from now on, as I am a lazy ape.

Google gives you quite the palette to customize the search results and pages that are crawled, including giving some weight to sepcific pages, etc.. RTFM for all that, I am not going to explain all this for you.

Money comes via adsense, what else?

So I have been thinking about a way to monetize this bitch for a while and I think I’ve come to a conclusion.

A directory! yay

Now, let me speak out before you turn away in disgust.

Here is the plan

  • Look for an area that you know something about, for example: Aqarium fish.
  • Make up a list of sub-topics, like this:

Sweet water fish
Salt water fish
Aquarium care
Water Plants…

  • Pour these into a directory-like structure on your new page: www.supreme-aquarium-information-for-you.com
  • For each topic, get a small article in place and create a google co-op search engine with about 5 pages to crawl.
  • You’ll also create a custom search engine with every page in all subtopics to put on your front page.

As I love user generated content, give the list of pages used for each CSE to your users.
A small paragraph with “these pages are crawled for this search engine: a, b, c” If you know another good page on the topic of salt water plants, please contact me under:XYZ” should be OK.

Be sure to market “in cooperation with GOOGLE” all over the place. Google actually insists on that, so we might take the seach giant’s good reputation for our gains as well.

Now you also have a nice list of pages that you can contact and promote your CSE directory. Webmasters will probably feel flattered enough to link to your page.

Et voila. Every search will get you some money.

Enjoy. And drop me some lines when you try this, or if you have additional ideas for this.