WebWriMo wrapup, and an apology

Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.
– John Lennon

I would like to do two things today:

– Wrap up the November WebWriMo
– apologize for not updating

Last things first.

I know I owe you an apology, basically… life happened.
In between stress at work, tydying up some web business, consulting and two teeth rioting in my mouth (root canal .. yay!!) updating the WebWriMo moved to the back of my head.

Still, I am amazed at what you guys managed to do this month.

So here are the last numbers I have

InterNetAuthor – 51K+

This woman beat us all on the side, while taking care of her kids. Mad respect.

David Bowley – 30,987

David was a late starter, so the 30K words he managed are well worth the mention.

Greg from MoMoFoSho managed to write  15,816 words, grow a moustache and also raise over 1500$ for a prostrate cancer foundation! Go GREG!!

Paul Gannon managed 24K words! Yes!

Glowleaf – 30K, for lack of exact numbers, but still, he left me in the dust and led the pack for a long time!

The senile simian – due to the stuff above – ends this month with 15K words in the bank.

So the complete tally looks like this (yes, I know those numbers are probably not accurate):

All in all, those are 150,000 words!

I am amazed by the response I got to this challenge. If you would like to repeat this next year, I will make sure to get some rewards out – prizes for everyone!

So .. same time, same place next year?