UBot – Web Automation made easy


How to get from this

Before uBot


To this:

After uBot Automation

After uBot Automation

With a few clicks of your mouse.


Get your own bot army

As every one knows, I love automation. Automation makes webmaster life worth living again, simply because it takes care of the drag involved in a lot of SEO activities.

Now Seth dropped uBot on the community, and it is a bomb – a bomb dispensing gold coins, chocolate bars and playboy magazines.

What uBot is

uBot is a visual scripting environment for web browser automatisation.

I guess you are not alone if you just muttered a “huh?”. So let me put this another way.
Anything you can do with a browser (and a few extras) can be automated with uBot AND you don’t have to write code to do so!

uBot is a tool that lets you build any bot with a few clicks of the mouse!

Clear now?

What uBot is not

uBot is no automated tool that builds you a SEO empire out of nothing.

Instead, it is a tool that lets you build all kinds of little scripts to do your bidding.

Have some ideas:

  • web2.0 account creator – yep
  • stats checker – yes
  • WordPress commenting – can do
  • sending mail via web interface – you guessed it
  • Page scraping – no problem
  • Search engine scraper – check

What you have to know

Yes, uBot does have a small learning curve in store for you, but it is nothing in comparison to learning a proper scripting or programming language.

Everything you need to know can be learned easily from the tutorial videos on the site.

Actually, everything I needed to write this reddit user creator learned in the very first video. It took me about half an hour of clicking around and done!

Reddit bot - half an hour of clicking

Reddit bot – half an hour of clicking

That is half an hour with no prior contact to the uBot software!

You can download the .uBot file here, so you can expand on this.

Or you can get the full reddit acount creator .exe file instead, as uBot allows you to compile a bot, so you can run it as any other programs, or give it to your oversea workers or sell it to whoever wants it.

What you do need to have is knowledge of HTML and web forms, but that can also be learned easily.

Who uBot is for

Anyone. Anyone who wants to automate web stuff without heavy programming.

Hell, I can code, and I use uBot now, simply because it is faster and easier to do a lot of things this way. For other things, an uBot can serve as a quick prototype and proof of concept.

My recommendation: Get it NOW!