Deep Monetization

Deeper Content System

  1. Introduction
  2. Tools
  3. Topic research
  4. Creating basic content
  5. Analyzing content
  6. Augmenting content
  7. Monetization

After all this work comes the money.

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Of course we’ll use advertising, but we’ll add a little extra. We are going to automate it.

If you stayed with me this far, it should be clear what this old ape is going to base the monetization on.
Of course, the keywords and categories from the analysis.

The basic idea is to create a database with offers you are going to promote. We can be very broad with this, add anything and everything. From your favorite affiliate network to amazon.

The gold in this lies in the structure of the database.

It starts with the categories. These are very broad and should be based on your analysis machine’s categories.

So if you use AlchemyAPI, these would be

1. Arts & Entertainment
2. Business
3. Computers & Internet
4. Culture & Politics
5. Gaming
6. Health
7. Law & Crime
8. Religion
9. Recreation
10. Science & Technology
11. Sports
12. Weather

So any offer you enter in your DB, it should be assigned to one of the categories.

You also want to tag any offer with keywords.

Diet pills would go under Health, and get the tags “diet, diet pill, diet pills, weightloss,…”

So if you put in this work, any new content page would get an affiliate offer assigned to it based on the automatic analysis.

At the time a visitor hits the site, your database gets queried and spits back a link (or complete HTML, or XML, or JSON or whatever).

For this, you’ll have to sort them, though.

We’ll do this in two places:

  1. The Database – Every offer gets an “importance” of 0-10 in its database entry. (0 means the offer is dead)
  2. The sorting algorithm – Category match gets a score of 1, Keword match gets one of 2, phrase match a score of 3.

Simply multiply importance by matching score and sort. You should now get the best matching offer on any new content.

The beauty in this is that you can also steer the results somewhat. You have a higher paying offer you want to promote? Up the importance score. An offer just died? Set importance to 0.

You can also combine this with a fallback scenario. For example:

  1. Grab any matching offer from my DB
  2. If no matching offer found, grab the category and keyword info and get an offer from amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this series.

Questions or comments? Fire away!