uBot now with libraries

After he wrote the review of the uBot Suite, the old ape dove into creating new bots left and right, putting bug reports in the uBot forum, developing a better relationship with the team and spreading chaos and mayhem in the forum.

Next to constant updates and fixes, the uBot developers also worked on new features, which finally pushed the version number to 3.1

Here, a congratulatory cheer is in order.


Well, besides lowering the memory footprint, squashing bugs, and introducing tons of small, but nifty features, this version brings one HUGE development:

Bot libraries

In essence, this means that any bot that you develop is now open for future reuse.

With a few simple clicks, you can include one of your old bots and use all of it’s nifty subroutines in a new one.

Surely and easily, your arsenal will grow more powerful with each bot and each function you create.

Did anyone say bot army?

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